Gruppo 24 Ore Case History Admin 9 November 2022

SECTOR: Publishing

SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition

Gruppo 24 Ore Case History

Chaos in the management and performance of logging operations, in particular of documents received or sent via PEC. Serious inefficiencies due to the difficulty of manually registering documents that did not find an appropriate location in the archive, causing serious difficulties also in the search and retrieval of information. Problems in defining authorized access to certain categories of documents based on the type of user. Inefficiencies and high levels of stress related to the frequent loss of documents.

Management, logging and archiving of incoming and outgoing company PECs through a system capable of communicating with the mail client and simultaneously able to allow document / e-mail logging operations in a simple way. Need to merge all paper documents into a digital archive, easy to consult and accessible on the basis of predefined user profiles.

Rationalize, streamline and simplify the entire process of receiving, registering and archiving incoming and outgoing documents in both digital and paper format. Reduction of the stress level among operators, elimination of the risk of loss of documents.

Solution implemented
ZenDMS Protocol Edition has solved the problems related to document management and document registration. The document management and Document Register System solution of the ZenShare Suite has made it possible to efficiently and automatically manage the registration, classification, archiving, assignment and sorting of incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence.

Company areas
General services

Benefits obtained
the implementation of ZENDMS has fully satisfied the customer’s needs and solved the problems related to document management and registering, streamlining the sorting management operations, simplifying and making the registering operations more efficient, eliminating the accidental loss of documents. Filing and digital archiving in accordance with the law has finally generated a rational and orderly classification system, guaranteeing operators easy research and almost immediate retrieval of documents.

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