Gruppo Minardo Case History Admin 19 October 2022
Gruppo Minardo sceglie il Document Management di ZenShare - Case study

SECTOR:Oil, Publishing, Tourism

SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Enterprise Edition

Gruppo Minardo Case History

The amount of paper documents had taken on such proportions as to become unmanageable, the risk of losing documents was very high, the possibilities of sharing almost zeroed by the absence of an adequate tool. The difficulty of managing the documentation relating to passive invoices was also a cause for concern


  • eliminating the paper documentation present in the company, especially that relating to invoices, switching to a management method in digital format;
  • ensure a good level of integration with the management system already in use.


  • elimination of paper documentation;
  • optimization of document management;
  • automation of document approval flows;
  • reduction of document archiving and storage costs;
  • digital preservation of accounting documents in compliance with the law.

Project Description:
The project was implemented by installing ZenDMS in its Entreprise Edition, specific for companies with high integration needs, and as a document management platform for all companies of the Minardo Group, together with the ZenArchive module for digital archiving. The system allows for the automatic acquisition of documents directly from SAP, their archiving in ZenDMS and their sending in digital storage. Subsequently, we moved on to digital archiving of all registers and accounting books, avoiding the printing and physical archiving of processed documents. An advanced management of the schedule has also been envisaged with the introduction of a special ‘reminder’ function on documents, i.e. periodic and scheduled email notifications for the disposal of files.

Implemented solutions
ZenDMS, Document Management solution, in its Enterprise Edition has allowed to proceed with a massive digitization of the document area, the flexibility of the solution has allowed a high level of integration and the possibility of providing ad hoc functionalities for specific needs, which have found for this full satisfaction.

Company areas
General services / Administration, Finance and Control

Benefits obtained
The double result of:

  • obtain a significant reduction in costs due to archiving and storage of documents in paper format;
  • significantly increase internal productivity levels thanks to the automatic acquisition and immediate availability of administrative documents now managed in electronic format.