High Technology Case History Admin 19 October 2022

SECTOR: Consulting and Innovation


High Technology Case History


  • the level of internal coordination of the work was compromised by the absence of an adequate system for entering, updating and sharing company data;
  • the efficiency of the marketing area was heavily affected by the lack of appropriate strategic planning, insufficient or obsolete marketing management systems, and inadequate tracking of marketing activities and their results. The inefficiencies of the marketing area also had a negative impact on the efficiency of the sales area in relation to which problems of poor coordination were complained about.

Need for a system that was able to:

  • effectively manage relationships with leads, prospects and customers;
  • take advantage of new technologies for the optimized management of marketing activities;
  • achieve maximum coordination and optimize the efficiency of the sales force.


  • achieve optimal management of relationships with real and potential customers through an adequate organization of data and effective planning of marketing activities;
  • achieve a high level of automation of email marketing activities together with the possibility of targeting recipients to involve them more with relevant and personalized content;
  • increase the efficiency of the sales force by automating the most routine and low added value activities, to make room for strategically more important and profitable activities for the company.

Implemented solution
To achieve the indicated objectives, the solution of the Suite dedicated to Customer Relationship Management, ZenCRM in its Pro Edition, was implemented: the most suitable for advanced and automated marketing management and for optimizing sales performance.

Company areas
Marketing and Sales

Benefits obtained
The choice of ZenCRM has created the conditions for significantly improving both the work of internal resources and the level of satisfaction of real and potential customers. The marketing area, after an initial phase of familiarization with the new system, has recorded unexpected improvements in the quality of performance.
The greatest benefits concerned the sales area thanks to the possibility offered by ZenCRM to adequately and more effectively follow the entire sales process, to quickly gather valuable information on sales prospects, results and trends, drawing easy-to-use graphical representations in real time interpretation and detailed reports very useful and fundamental, from a strategic point of view, for the generation and management of new opportunities.