Studiokom Case History Admin 11 October 2022

SECTOR:Services for export and business internationalization


Studiokom Case History

The marketing area had problems managing relationships with leads, prospects and customers, and suffered from the lack of a tool that was able to manage marketing campaigns more efficiently. The sales area, on the other hand, posed the more pressing problem of not being able to coordinate and manage the implementation of export projects in progress with client companies in an optimal way.

The dual need emerged for a tool that was able to manage the activities of the marketing area and the activities of the export managers in parallel, covering both the strategic and commercial and economic/financial aspects.


  • obtain optimal management of leads and customers also from an export perspective;
  • achieve full tracking of business opportunities;
  • improve the efficiency of the sales process.

Implemented solution
ZenCRM Pro Edition, the Customer Relationship Management solution of the Zenshare Suite specific for the management of the commercial process and marketing activities, was able to offer Studiokom a valid answer to all the expressed needs.

Project description:
In order to offer maximum flexibility at an operational level, two parallel instances of ZenCRM have been implemented for Studiokom S.r.l., the first aimed at maximizing the operational and strategic efficiency of the marketing area, the second instance aimed at optimizing the sales process through sales force automation technologies, and with the aim of guaranteeing the best analysis tools and maximum efficiency in the export area.

Company areas:
Marketing / Sales

Benefits obtained
ZenCRM has made it possible to intercept every opportunity for contact and relationship with potential customers, especially with regard to exports, allowing management to be more timely on decisions and sales strategies to be adopted.