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SOLUTIONS ZenCRM Sales Edition

Acqualeve Case History

Both the marketing area and the sales area presented critical issues due to inefficiencies, poor planning, inadequate analysis tools, insufficient productivity monitoring.


  • have a marketing management tool with automatic features;
  • offer its network of commercial agents valid support in the one-to-one sales process, from the presentation of the product to the potential customer up to the sale, installation and after-sales;
  • monitor the different aspects of the company’s commercial activity;
  • greater control over the productivity of the sales force.


  • greater efficiency in both marketing and sales through the automation and optimization of business processes;
  • simpler management of information, wider and more effective sharing of data, more accurate monitoring of performance.

Solution implemented
The ZenCRM Customer Relationship Management solution in its Sales Edition:

  • it has allowed an optimized and standardized management of data relating to customers and potential customers;
  • has provided advanced and automatic tools for marketing management; created an optimal collaborative environment for information sharing;
  • has provided analysis tools that are always up-to-date and easy to consult for strategic planning, optimization of results and measurement of performance.

Company areas
Marketing / Sales

Benefits obtained

ZenCRM has allowed to:

  • improve the quality of work, motivation and above all the efficiency of commercial agents;
  • bring extensive benefits to the entire company organization, both in terms of productivity and in terms of prestige and reliability towards an increasingly attentive and sensitive clientele in matters of health, hygiene and safety.