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SECTOR: Healthcare

SOLUTIONS ZenDMS with Document register System and the Digital Medical Record Module

Casa di Cura Privata Case History

The document registration system of incoming, outgoing and internal documents was still carried out with obsolete methods, causing both operational and substantial inconvenience such as poor efficiency, loss of documents, excessive amount of paper material. Even the management of medical records presented important critical issues, in particular as regards the generation and certification of the certified copy according to the criteria established by law.


  • registering documents (paper and electronic), incoming and outgoing mail in a simple and automatic way;
  • drastically reduce the amount of paper documents in circulation;
  • manage medical records in digital format and the process of generating the compliant copy with relative certification by the relevant health authority in compliance with specific requirements:
    • the printing of the sheets in the same acquisition order;
    • the presence of the “stamps” of the health facility
    • the generation of a “certified true copy” containing all the information relating to the file (place and date of printing, file number, patient’s name, ward, hospitalization start date, hospitalization end date, certified true copy certificate, number of sheets ) and bearing the signature of the Medical Director.


  • increase the efficiency of the document area, simplifying the registration operations and speeding up the search for documents, favoring the digitization of paper documents;
  • ensure optimized, safe and legally compliant management of medical records and their compliant copy.

Project Description
In addition to the implementation of ZenDMS for the management of documents registration, an integrated and ad hoc module has been developed for the management of medical records and the automatic generation of the certified copy or the printing of the medical records compliant with the original and with legal value.

Implemented solution
ZenDMS with its features for document registration has allowed the digitization of documents and the registration/protocol of incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence and documents both in paper and electronic format. The ZenDMS Digital Medical Record Module provided a system that made it possible to:

  • scan all the documents of a medical record relating to a patient creating a single pdf file;
  • improve the current document processes also including integration with the management system;
  • automatizzare il processo di gestione e generazione della copia conforme della cartella clinica nel rispetto di tutti i vincoli di privacy e sicurezza dei dati.

Company areas
General services and administration

Benefits obtained

  • large improvement in the levels of efficiency of the document sorting, registration and archiving processes;
  • automating the process of managing and generating the certified copy of the medical record in compliance with all data privacy and security constraints.