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SECTOR: Medical devices


  • ZenDMS Workflow Edition
  • ZenCRM Medical Devices Edition
  • Zen E-Invoices
  • Web App Dedicated to Medical Representatives

ConvaTec Inc. Case History


The situation prior to the adoption of the ZenShare Suite solutions was characterized by serious critical issues in various business areas:


Document management was extremely slowed down and often made problematic by the non-existence of an efficient, automatic system that could be integrated with the management system already in use, to manage orders to be approved, transport documents, invoices to be acquired and internal reports ( claims). To aggravate the already chaotic situation, was added the frequent loss of administrative documents.


  • There was an inexplicably high number of lost sales opportunities, probably due to inefficient or not fast enough management of leads, contacts and prospects.
  • Marketing activities were characterized by an extremely irregular trend also due to the use of obsolete, inadequate or even completely ineffective tools, with considerable losses in both economic and productive terms.
  • Total lack of adequate management of company vehicle records


  • The lack of aggregated data, updated and shareable information made planning activities lifeless, depriving them of any strategic value.
  • the management of sending product samples was chaotic, deficient and disconnected from the logistics departments
  • The efficiency of the sales force was negatively affected by the lack of coordination and insufficient internal communication.
  • The Customer Care area also presented severe problems due in particular to difficulties and inefficiencies in the management of complaints or even simple requests for information from customers.
  • Participation in calls for tenders was often jeopardized by the slowness in preparing the necessary documentation


  • automate the sales cycle, in particular the phases of acceptance, entry into the system and archiving of sales orders and related transport documents and to allow the archiving of payable invoices via barcode (passive cycle) with contextual integration with SAP;
  • deal with the phenomenon of loss or unavailability of documents;
  • identify automatic tools for planning, executing, tracking and analyzing the marketing operations implemented;
  • manage sales opportunities more effectively;
  • quickly find data, reports and economic information that are always up-to-date and presented in a usable and intelligible way;
  • simplify and standardize work, streamlining procedures and promoting internal sharing;
  • ottenere un accesso sicuro e selettivo alle informazioni in base alla tipologia di utente;
  • rationalize the management of product samples by coordinating it better with the logistics area;
  • coordinate the activity of the Reps;
  • improve the efficiency of the Customer Care area
  • guarantee the integration of the proposed solutions with SAP and their ‘replicability’ in offices in other countries


  • automate the management of the transport documents produced by the various external logistics companies, automating the acquisition, reducing the time taken to take charge of the documents and making them available for order-bill reconciliation;
  • automate the management of sales orders, optimizing and centralizing the order reception point and defining standard workflow processes;
  • speed up the verification and approval processes of passive invoices, minimizing the risk of error and data dispersion;
  • zero the loss of documents;
  • automate marketing activities in execution, operations and data analysis;
  • optimize the sales process through automated management of the Pipeline;
  • offer a graphical representation of data through dashboards both at the individual user level and at the Enterprise level;
  • equipping scientific representatives (Rep) with a more modern and advanced work tool;
  • introduce a case management and client (patient) relationship management system.

Project Description

The needs expressed were met through the adoption of several solutions from the ZenShare Suite, alongside the implementation of additional modules, including the Connector for Exchange Server aimed at automatically capturing documents from mailboxes and FAXServers. Thanks to the PDF/Spool Recognition module it was possible to take charge of document flows (DDT) for each individual country, automatically extract the search indexes, generate individual documents and, finally, automatically archive them in ZenDMS complete with all the accompanying data.

For the scientific dissemination activity of the Reps, it was necessary to create an App, available on Apple iPad tablets and Windows mobile, which allows the dynamic presentation of contents, even in offline mode.

The project was initially implemented in Italy, to then be exported to Europe (Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands) and northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark).

Solution implemented

The ZenDMS Document Management System with document workflow served to:

  • allow the acquisition and management of orders from the local health authorities;
  • manage contact master data in an integrated way with SAP;
  • manage the order approval process
  • manage the receipt and sorting by the users in charge of complaints from customers regarding one or more products;
  • eliminate the loss of documents.

ZenCRM Enterprise in its Specific Edition for the Medical Sector has allowed to:

  • have an overall and orderly view of all opportunities, in all their phases and throughout the sales process;
  • analyze customer data, segment the target, and automatically manage marketing campaigns;
  • manage marketing resources in an optimized way;
  • strategically analyze the results produced by marketing operations;
  • monitor (thanks to the functions of the Report Visits module) the visits of scientific reps to doctors, nurses and healthcare facilities located throughout Italy;
  • manage the company car fleet, entering the kilometers traveled by each Rep and finally calculate the expenses for reimbursements (kilometer tracking module);
  • manage the sending of samples, also providing functions for allocating the budget for the sending of product samples and integrating everything with the company’s logistics department.
  • speed up and automate the generation of the tender documents necessary to take part in the notices issued by the local health authorities;
  • manage cases and relations with patients (customers) requesting information, sending product samples.

Zen Electronic Invoicing integrated with SAP has satisfied the need for:

  • manage the entire process of creating and sending active electronic invoices in a simple and automatic way;
  • speed up the verification and approval processes of passive invoices, minimizing the risk of error and data dispersion;
  • digitally store invoices in compliance with legal requirements.

The Web App Dedicated to Scientific Representatives has ensured that:

Each Rep was updated by notification on all new content available for download. Interzen was also involved in the development of the platform for managing content on the administrator side. Using some of the features already present in ZenDMS, the administrator user can independently upload and easily organize all the contents intended for Reps their presentations to customers.

Company Areas

  • Administration Finance and Control
  • Production and Technical Area
  • Customer Care
  • Strategic management and ICT

Benefits obtained
Benefits have been recorded in all company areas affected by the implementation of the solutions described.
The automation, standardization and optimization of most of the processes in the marketing, sales and post-sales area have produced a significant improvement in the quality of work and a massive leap forward in terms of efficiency and productivity. This has also translated into the consolidation of a close relationship of trust and mutual and constructive collaboration with the customer which has lasted for years and continues to produce highly satisfactory results.

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