Medicair Case History Admin 3 October 2022

SECTOR: Health Care

SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Enterprise Edition

Medicair Case History

All company areas were negatively affected by the absence of software capable of managing the sales process, optimizing commercial activity, managing and monitoring relationships with acquired and potential customers. The general efficiency and quality of work suffered the negative effect of poor internal collaboration, the lack of easily intelligible information and data for correct and effective strategic planning.


  • increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the commercial process;
  • monitor the sales of the different business lines;
  • optimize the activities of the marketing area and Customer Service;
  • obtain a system that can be perfectly integrated with the management software already in use at the company;
  • enjoy customizable features for managing processes related to specific areas.


  • aumento del fatturato e raggiungimento degli obiettivi di business;
  • offer to users a collaborative environment in the consultation and evaluation of data such as customer and contact details, visit reports, customer needs and interests, estimates and offers, contracts, invoices;
  • greater efficiency and better monitoring of the sales network;
  • provide analysis tools for strategic planning, performance measurement.

Project description
The implementation of the ZenCRM Customer Relationship Management solution in its Enterprise Edition made it possible to satisfy the needs put in place by our customer while also meeting the need to be guaranteed the possibility of integration with the management system in use AS400. The adoption of the Enterprise Edition in particular has also made it possible to develop ad hoc functions on the product catalog section, for example by providing for the loading/display of image galleries for each product and the insertion of the technical data sheets.

Implemented solution
ZenCRM, the Customer Relationship Management solution of the ZenShare Suite, in its Enterprise edition has made it possible to provide a system that can be perfectly integrated with the management software already in use at the company and also to take advantage of obtaining customizable functions for the management of processes relating to specific areas.

Company areas
Marketing / Sales / Administration /Customer Care

Benefits obtained

  • customer relations recorded a significant improvement alongside more accurate monitoring of the evolution of new opportunities, and the generation of an appreciable virtuous circle in terms of loyalty;
  • the data relating to the efficiency and performance of the commercial and sales network confirmed a clearly positive trend and perfectly in line with customer expectations.