Odoardo Zecca Case History Admin 30 October 2022
Zecca Energia sceglie il Protocollo Informatico di ZenShare - Case study

SECTOR: Energy

SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition

Odoardo Zecca Case History


  • Difficulties in the registration of incoming and outgoing documents with ever increasing quantities of paper documents;
  • high risk of loss of documents;
  • decrease in efficiency levels and high levels of stress among operators.


  • Have an archiving/dematerialisation system for documents and an IT protocol system, in accordance with the law, for the registration of incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence;
  • quick and intuitive navigation by category and document type.


  • simplify the registration and management of documents ensuring security and transparency of operations;
  • zeroing of document loss;
  • increase in performance levels and lower stress levels through the introduction of more efficient work tools for registration, filing, searching and sharing documents.

Implemented solution
the solution capable of ensuring the achievement of the objectives was identified in ZenDMS Document Registration System

Company Areas
General services

Benefits obtained

ZenDMS adoption has resulted in:

  • an improvement in company performance thanks to efficient document management;
  • the progressive elimination of paper records and rationalization of document flows;
  • more effective and economical management of document flows;
  • greater transparency and security and in carrying out administrative activities.
Categories: Energy