Energynet Admin 21 September 2022

SECTOR: Energy


Energynet Case History


  • Simplified management of spot DEM campaigns for targeted communications on the various energy services in the portfolio.
  • Conversion of leads into contacts for the subsequent commercial negotiation.
  • Efficient customer portfolio management.
  • Tracking of commitments on the agenda and of the entire commercial process (presentation, pre-sales meeting, project phases).
  • Management of economic opportunities.
  • Monitoring of existing contracts and related billing tranches.

Implemented solution
ZenCRM, the Customer Relationship Management solution of the ZenShare Suite, has allowed an organic, systematic and efficient management of the marketing process and the sales process, laying the ideal conditions for a concrete automation in the management of the entire lead to cash process.

Benefits obtained
The improved organization and a newfound efficiency of the company processes, together with a better and more precise check on the status of payments, have created the ideal conditions for a significant development of the business.