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Selecta sceglie la Gestione Documentale di ZenShare - Case study

SECTOR:Industrial printing and document management.


Selecta Case History

The excessive amount of material had a negative impact on the efficiency of the document area with significant repercussions also on the costs to be incurred for archiving and conservation. The risk of document loss was high, sharing was almost absent, and the search for archived documents took too long compared to business needs.

have a digital archiving and storage system for company contracts in digital format which would therefore guarantee the durability of documents, sharing and rapid research.


  • drastically reduce the amount of paper documents and the costs required for their management and conservation;
  • increase efficiency and improve the quality of work;
  • facilitate the sharing of information in compliance with security and confidentiality constraints;
  • eliminate the loss of documents.

Implemented solution:
ZenDMS, the Document Management solution of the ZenShare Suite, has allowed the complete dematerialization of document flows and therefore to intervene effectively on the management of processes, making them more effective and monitorable.

Company Areas
General services

Benefits obtained

  • quick and intuitive navigation by category and document type;
  • improvement of business performance thanks to efficient document management;
  • evolution of the service towards a process of substitutive conservation of documents which are thus progressively replaced by their equivalents in digital format, preserving their legal value of form, content and time through the digital signature and time stamp.