Pescara Energia Case History Admin 11 October 2022

SECTOR: Energy

SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition

Pescara Energia Case History

The registration of incoming and outgoing documents and emails was still of the traditional type, this caused a worrying slowdown in document flows and growing inefficiencies on various levels in the documentary field.

Adopt a document registration system system that complies with legal requirements with documentary functions and capable of:

  • electronically record documents, incoming, outgoing and internal emails in compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • be able to access documents from any device;
  • ensure security and transparency of administrative procedures;
  • reduce the costs associated with the filing and preservation of documents;
  • document archiving in accordance with the law for the daily protocol registers;
  • facilitate the search, identification and consultation of documents.


  • Streamline document flows
  • Optimize and automate processes related to logging and more generally to the life cycle of documents.

Solution implemented
ZenDMS, the Document Management solution in its Edition focused on Document Registration, offered a document management system and a system for the registration of documents compliant with the law, monitoring of e-mail and certificated email boxes and a set of advanced search filters for a quick retrieval of documents and protocols within the platform.

Company Areas
General services

Benefits obtained
The introduction of ZenDMS Document Registration System has brought important benefits also thanks to an easy-to-use interface. Users now conveniently and quickly access the documents to be registered directly from their personal desk
The overcoming of traditional protocols and the elimination of paper registers has produced a beneficial effect in terms of accuracy and above all efficiency of the entire document area, also playing in favor of the transparency of document flows in compliance with all the criteria of authenticity and data security.