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Albasoft Case History


the marketing area recorded problems in managing relationships with leads, prospects and customers (direct and resellers), and suffered from the lack of a tool that was able to manage marketing campaigns more efficiently.
The need emerged for a tool that was able to manage the activities of the marketing area and customer relations in parallel. In particular, the problem arose of how:

  • achieve optimal management of leads, end customers and resellers;
  • achieve full tracking of business opportunities;
  • improve the efficiency of the sales process.


  • being able to intercept potential customers with greater precision;
  • take more careful and regular care of relations with new contacts, already acquired end customers and also with resellers.

Implemented solution:
ZenCRM Pro Edition, the Customer Relationship Management solution of the Zenshare Suite specific for the management of the commercial process and marketing activities, was able to offer the customer a valid answer to all the needs expressed.

Company areas
Marketing and Sales

Benefits obtained
ZenCRM has made it possible to intercept every opportunity for contact and relationship with potential customers, to take care of relations with already acquired end customers and with resellers in a more careful and profitable way. The new structure then allowed management to be more timely on decisions and sales strategies to be adopted, thus bringing an even wider benefit to the entire sales area.

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