Nuovo Teatro Donizetti Case History Admin 10 November 2022


SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition

Nuovo Teatro Donizetti Case History


  • difficulty in registering incoming and outgoing documents with ever-increasing quantities of paper documents;
  • high risk of loss of documents;
  • decrease in efficiency levels and high levels of stress among operators.

The main requirement was, with a view to general renewal, to have a streamlined system available, compliant with the law, intuitive and quick to learn for the registration and archiving of documents.


  • simplification of document registration operations;
  • zeroing of document loss;
  • increase in performance levels and lower stress levels through the introduction of a more efficient and modern system.

Implemented solution
ZenDMS Protocol Edition, ZenShare document management solution in its edition dedicated to documents registration, promptly responded to the needs that emerged, effectively contributing to the achievement of all objectives.

Company Areas
General services

Benefits obtained
ZenDMS adoption has resulted in:

  • an increase in efficiency;
  • progressive elimination of paper records;
  • more effective and economical management of document flows;
  • a positive return in terms of image deriving from a modern and innovative approach in the management of bureaucracy.