Banco Alimentare dell’Abruzzo Onlus Admin 7 October 2022
Banco Alimentare sceglie il CRM di ZenShare - Case study

SECTOR: Services to support the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM Pro Edition.

Banco Alimentare dell'Abruzzo Onlus Case History

The marketing area experienced problems in managing relations with potential and/or already acquired donors, was affected by the lack of a tool that was able to appropriately classify the very varied type of contacts and to manage marketing campaigns more efficiently. The management of relations with donors and volunteers was difficult and fragmented.

The twofold need emerged for a tool that would overcome the objective limits of obsolete methods of registering names and be able to manage both marketing area activities and relations with the available audience in an effective and at the same time simple way.


  • Get optimal contact management
  • Achieve complete tracking of donation opportunities
  • Improve communication with recurring donors, volunteers and potential new donors, making it more targeted and therefore more effective.

Solution implemented
ZenCRM Pro Edition, the Customer Relationship Management solution of the Zenshare Suite specific for the management of the marketing activities process, was able to offer the Abruzzo Food Bank a valid response to all the needs expressed.

Project description:
In order to offer maximum flexibility at an operational level, the possibility of optimally classifying the type of contacts available to the non-profit organization has been foreseen, distinguishing them between: private subjects, public bodies, charitable structures, dioceses, volunteers and distinguishing the donors themselves between one-time donors and recurring donors.

Company areas

Company areas
ZenCRM has made it possible to intercept every opportunity for contact and relationship with potential donors and to carefully manage communication with regular donors, volunteers and other entities.