FNSI Case History Admin 11 October 2022

SECTOR: Information

SOLUTIONS: ZenDMS Protocol Edition

FNSI Case History

Extreme confusion and disorder in the management, registration, research and conservation of a large quantity of mainly paper documents. Great difficulty and too long times for sorting documents to the relevant offices or managers. Inefficiencies and high levels of stress related to the frequent loss of documents.

Identify a simple system to rationalize the flow of documents, simplify the operations of sorting and filing of documents. Eliminate, where possible, the presence of paper documentation, streamline document search times.


  • system for managing, registering and archiving all incoming and outgoing documents in the simplest and most automatic way possible;
  • drastic reduction of paper material
  • reduction of the time needed to search for documents;
  • elimination of the risk of loss of documents.

Implemented solution
The solution was identified in ZenDMS Protocol Edition, the ad hoc Document Management System solution for the registration of documents and provided with AgID certification in the field of storage.

Company areas
General services / Public Administration.

Benefits obtained
The implementation of ZenDMS Protocol Edition has fully satisfied the customer’s needs and solved the problems related to the management and registration of documents and also eliminating the phenomenon of document loss. Archiving and digital preservation in accordance with the law have finally generated a rational and orderly classification system, guaranteeing operators easy research and almost immediate retrieval of documents.