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Life Episteme Italia Case History

The efficiency of the marketing area was paralyzed by the lack of efficient management. In particular, they complained about the difficulty of managing relationships with leads and contacts, there was no system that tracked contact opportunities and this was often the cause of losing new opportunities and sales opportunities. The lack of proper planning made marketing activities messy and irregular. Furthermore, inefficiencies due to loss of data or errors deriving from the failure to update information were not infrequent.

The client underlined the pressing need to speed up the marketing process also through the planning of different newsletter campaigns that were able to create greater awareness of the product. There was also the need for a better organization of the marketing area through the tracing of relationships with acquired and potential customers.


  • bring the marketing area back to high levels of efficiency;
  • eliminate the risk of data loss;
  • increase the number of new opportunities;
  • increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Implemented solution
ZenCRM, the solution of the Suite dedicated to Customer Relationship Management, in its Pro Edition, has allowed a complete and standardized efficient management of marketing activities

Company areas

Benefits obtained
The implementation of ZenCRM was not limited to making a global improvement to the area that needed a more urgent intervention, but the benefits spread to all the other company departments which were positively affected by the innovations introduced, both in terms of efficiency and quality of work, both in strategic terms.