Action Consult Admin 21 September 2022

SECTOR:Consulting services


Action Consult Case History

During the analysis phase of the problems highlighted by the customer, the following were highlighted with particular concern:

  • the ineffective planning of marketing activities;
  • difficult and often non-existent classification and segmentation of new leads and contacts;
  • poor planning in product promotion;
  • poor care of relationships with new potential customers and therefore the frequent loss of new sales opportunities;
  • lack of adequate digital marketing systems.

The client highlighted the strong need for a better and more efficient management of leads and a more effective and streamlined management of marketing campaigns.

Business development through more precise and refined segmentation of leads for sending massive email campaigns targeted on specific clusters classified for example by turnover, economic sector, geographical location, number of employees.

Solution implemented
The Customer Relationship Management solution, ZenCRM, in its Pro Edition, specific for the management of marketing activities also in automatic mode.

Company areas
Marketing and Sales

Benefits obtained
The benefits and improvements observed were initially concentrated on the marketing area and then had positive repercussions in the medium and long term also on the other company areas, in particular the sales area.
The automation of many of the activities related to marketing has made it possible to concentrate resources on more strategic aspects, thus increasing the level of performance as well as the quality of the work of marketing personnel.