Ecoh Media Admin 7 October 2022
EcohMedia sceglie la Suite ZenShare: CRM, DMS, Project Management e fatturazione elettronica - Case study

SECTOR:IT Services

SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM, ZenDMS, ZenProject, Zen E-Invoices

Ecoh Media Case History

The marketing area registered problems and inefficiencies, it suffered from the lack of a tool that was able to appropriately classify the very varied type of contacts and to manage marketing campaigns more efficiently. The whole sales cycle presented inefficiencies due to the lack of an adequate tool, suffocating the potential of a company with excellent growth prospects.


  • Improve efficiency in managing the entire sales cycle (Lead to Cash) and achieve greater customer satisfaction:
    • generating and maintaining leads updated (lead nurturing) following an automated method;
    • generating quotations and quotation documents quickly and without errors;
    • increasing the accuracy of sales and related orders;
    • reducing the time interval between the generation of the lead (identification of the potential customer) and the collection of the invoice (conversion into customer);
  • effectively manage orders and projects starting from the estimate accepted by the customer during the sale; with – in addition – the possibility of optimizing the reporting of the activities carried out by the resources involved and the request for holidays and leave;
  • manage the entire electronic invoicing process in compliance with the law.

Improve and streamline the entire sales cycle, from lead acquisition to invoice generation.

Company areas
Marketing, Sales and Administration

Benefits obtained

The implementation of the entire ZenShare Suite has allowed the use of multiple application solutions to support the corporate business, within a single, homogeneous and easy-to-use work environment, with a significant increase in human resource performance, supported largely from the zeroing of context-switching.

In details:

  • The automated management of all phases of the sales cycle (Lead to Cash), from the generation of the lead, to the estimates up to the control of costs and margins, has allowed a complete and continuous management of the company processes, facilitating greater agility and efficiency on the work.
  • The adoption of ZenProject has resulted in a marked improvement in project organization and management which has had a positive impact both on the motivation of the work teams and on the level of customer satisfaction.
  • The ZenShare Cloud FE electronic invoicing system has practically halved invoice compilation times and made the risk of errors close to zero.
  • The Customer Care service has been made even more efficient thanks to the possibility of accessing the support service offered via ticketing, guaranteeing greater attention to customer needs.