Grammelot Case History Admin 18 October 2022


SOLUTIONS: ZenCRM, ZenDMS, ZenProject.

Grammelot Case History

There were inefficiencies in all areas of the company. in the field of documentation, there was a need for a system that would automatically manage and keep all the documentation subjected to a quality regime. In the Marketing and Sales area, there was complaint of insufficient process automation, poor coordination between resources to the detriment of company efficiency and productivity. With particular reference to the sales area, the estimating process presented various critical issues. In the Project Management area, the project teams were heavily affected by the lack of an automatic tool and support in managing orders, detecting the daily activities carried out and checking the progress of the tasks.


  • find a Cloud solution that incorporates DMS, CRM and Project Management functions that can be integrated with the customer’s pre-existing digital archiving solution;
  • it was also necessary to deal with the problem of efficient, simple and above all centralized management of the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) process, i.e. the process of configuring and generating offers, quotations and estimates.


  • improve the efficiency of document processes both in the management and digital preservation phases;
  • improve overall efficiency through automatic and integrated process management;
  • aim at effective planning and efficient management of projects and orders.

Project Description
The implementation of the standard solutions of the Suite, to meet the needs put in place, was accompanied by the development of an advanced functionality for the CPQ process which allowed the estimates generated in Excel format to be automatically received by ZenCRM.

Implemented solution
The implementation of the ZenShare Suite with its Customer Relationship Management (ZenCRM), Document Management (ZenDMS) and Project Management (ZenProject) solutions.

Company areas
General services and Administration / Marketing / Sales

Benefits obtained
The flexibility of the solutions adopted has allowed the introduction of specific usage strategies that have fully satisfied the requirements of ISO9001:2015 compliance and more generally the needs of a simpler, orderly, secure and efficient management of business processes in all company areas in which critical issues had been identified.