Management and Consulting Case History Admin 15 October 2022

SECTOR:IT consultancy


Management and Consulting Case History

the sales and marketing areas encountered management difficulties and inefficiencies in relations with both potential and acquired customers. Marketers complained of difficulties tracking relationships with new leads and contacts, negatively impacting the number of new sales opportunities. Also in the marketing field, there was a complaint about the lack of a standard and effective method for managing e-mail campaigns.


  • have automatic support for managing customer relationships (both acquired and potential);
  • keep track of the fundamental phases and steps of relationships with leads and customers (communications, meetings, documentation, economic offers and existing contracts);
  • ability to plan and carry out email marketing activities aimed at specific targets;
  • ensure control of daily activity and supervision of long-term trends.


  • achieve efficient management of data and relationships with potential and actual customers;
  • increase the number of prospects;
  • improve efficiency and the level of satisfaction of all company departments.

Implemented solutions
The implementation of ZenCRM, the Customer Relationship Management solution of ZenShare Suite, in its Pro Edition, has made it possible to meet the needs of a complete management of the sales process together with an automated management of marketing activities.

Company areas
Sales / Marketing / Administration

Benefits obtained
Already in the short-medium term, greater and better control over the trend was registered both with reference to sales opportunities and with reference to sales already concluded: simpler and more automatic management of email marketing activities created the conditions for a significant increase in the number of potential customers.
The administrative area also benefited positively from the new tools for managing contracts, invoices issued and to be issued and monitoring the payment situation.