Metz Case History Admin 21 November 2022

SECTOR: TecHnology

SOLUTIONS: Zen E-Invoices

Metz Case History

The administrative area complained of problems, delays and inefficiencies in the issue and management of electronic invoices, in particular towards the Public Administration.

have an electronic invoicing system that was easy to use and fully compliant with the law.


  • improve the management of administrative practices through an automatic system for managing electronic invoices;
  • be able to count on a system compliant with current legislation on electronic invoicing and on a customer assistance service in case of problems.

Implemented solution
Zen E-Invoices, the complete solution of the ZenShare Suite for managing electronic invoices, provided an immediate and satisfactory response to the needs expressed by the customer.

Company areas

Benefits obtained
Extreme simplification and elimination of errors in the electronic invoicing process. A further facilitation was made possible by the presence of easy-to-read dashboards capable of providing real-time information on the number and status of all invoices issued to the Public Administration.