E-invoicing features

The features of ZenShare Cloud Electronic Invoicing

ZenShare has equipped its users with a practical and efficient tool to manage the billing cycle both privately and to the Public Administration in a simple, intuitive and economic way: from the generation of the invoice in XML format, to the affixing of the digital signature, sending to the SDI, receiving notifications, up to the digital preservation of invoices.


Activities charged to the customer.

– Management of customer master data for the compilation of invoices (PMI).

– Manual upload of each invoice on a web form (SMB).

– FTP upload of multiple invoices by automatic import of xml files with a metadata file in CSV (Large Companies).

– Verification of the formal correctness of the invoice.

– Display and / or printinting of the invoice.

– Invoice validation before being sent to the Exchange System.

Automatic system activities.

– Generation of invoices in xml format, as required by law.

–  Signature of electronic invoices for sending to the Interchange System (digital signature is included in the optional service).

–  Sending invoices via Certified Electronic Mail to the PA or private individuals through the Interchange System.

– An FTP channel is available for high invoice volumes.

– Management of notifications received from the Interchange System and from the PA. (Notifications from private individuals are no longer provided).

– Digital storage of invoices according to law


Activities charged to the customer.

– System monitoring to verify the presence of electronic invoices ( accounts payable) in the workflow to be approved (an email alert is provided).

– In case of correct invoice: the invoice must be recorded in the accounting on the management system.

– In case of incorrect invoice: the credit note must be requested from your supplier.

– For digital archive conservation, it is necessary to associate the VAT protocol, the registration date and the section to the electronic invoices. To this end, a solution could be to insert the barcode proposed by the system in the management mask in particular to:

• recall the VAT protocol to be associated with the e-invoice (if you do not opt ​​for manual mode)

• recall from the management the e-invoice data made available by the system (integration is required)

– Acceptance or refusal of the e-invoice for sending in conservation.

Automatic system activities.

– Sending to digital archiving in case of acceptance.
– Rejection of the electronic invoice in case of refusal.

Note: In the case of B2B, it is not provided a Certified Electronic Mail to the Interchange System for the acceptance or refusal response.

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