E-invoicing Overview

ZenShare Cloud FE: the solution to manage electronic invoicing

Fatturazione Elettronica

ZenShare has equipped its users with a practical and efficient tool to manage the billing cycle both privately and to the Public Administration in a simple, intuitive and economic way: from the generation of the invoice in XML format, to the affixing of the digital signature, up to the digital retention of invoices.

An all inclusive service in the Cloud for the management of all the phases necessary to generate and manage electronic invoicing to and between individuals including digital preservation in accordance with the law.

Profiled access to the service does not require any software to install, just an internet connection and a web browser to connect to your dedicated area of the portal.

Not only that, ZenShare’s electronic invoicing service also allows integration with third-party systems.

How does the electronic invoicing process take place?


Le fatture elettroniche attive possono essere gestite in due modi:

AUTOMATICALLY, questa modalità è adatta per le aziende che producono grandi volumi di fatture.

MANUALLY, entering the dedicated area of the portal there is the possibility to fill in a web form with all the invoice information.


Thanks to the ZenShare document management system, on which the service is based, it is possible to automate the flow of the account payable through the ZenShare workflow, allowing quick and easy management of electronic invoices, avoiding the risk of document loss.

The workflow allows you to manage the acceptance or rejection of the electronic invoice. At the end of the process, the accepted invoice will be kept digitally, while the rejected invoice will be rejected by the system.

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