ZenShare Suite GDPR Compliance

In compliance with EU regulation 2016/679 (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation), Interzen has updated its ZenShare Cloud Suite (document management and customer relationship management).

The GDPR harmonises the management of personal privacy on a European level. It was necessary to update ZenShare and ZenCRM to process personal data in compliance with the new regulation and to increase the level of security and protection of data privacy.

Leads and contacts data treatement

ZenCRM provides a the differentiated management of 3 areas of consent to personal data treatement:

Commercial consent (in order to manage the relationship before, during and after the sale phase of a product or service);
Consent to marketing (in order to send information, advertising and promotional communications);
Consent to profiling (in order to evaluate the interest in a product or service)

For each lead and contact you can send by email a request of consent to personal data treatement according to GDPR regulations.

For each lead and contact it is possible to save the email message that ZenCRM sends to confirm the the consent to personal data treatement according to GDPR regulations.

For each lead and contact it is possible to prevent the sending of newsletter campaigns even if the consent for Marketing has already been provided.

To manage additional areas for personal data treatement, please contact Interzen to share your particular need and get our support.

FILTERS to display lists of LEAD / CONTACTS

In the side search filters available for both leads and contacts there are fields related to the 3 main areas of consent provided by ZenCRM (commercial, marketing, profiling).


Commercial consent. ZenCRM does not provide any automated procedure but manual.

Consent to marketing. For the "marketing" area ZenCRM prevents the sending of e-mails and automatic marketing campaigns.

Consent to profiling. for the "profiling" area ZenCRM prevents the display of personal data

Notifications on the homepage. ZenCRM shows an alert that warns about the expiration of consent

Consent Management PAge

ZenCRM provides a specific web page, that allows every single lead or contact the autonomous management of their consent to personal data treatement.


In the web-to-lead form, these fields are available to a ZenCRM to give his /her consent to the treatement of personal data:
Commercial consent (the value "I Accept" is mandatory);
Consent to marketing (I accept / I do not accept);
Consent to profiling (I accept / I do not accept).

The system provides notifications for consent updating and email sending summing up his/her personal preferences.


All ZenCRM users who have the role of "administrator" will see an alert with the following information:

- notification on the latest features for for GDPR compliance;
- request to select the user who has the role of DPO / GDPR manager.

The warning will be visible until the user with the role of DPO / GDPR manager will be selected.

Safety Levels

The introduction of the GDPR implicitly requires a stronger management of IT security.

For this purpose, Interzen has developed for ZenShare Suite its own security policy structured on several levels and with a multilateral approach to risk management.

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