Administration, Finance and Control

Automation of administrative and accounting processes

Better managing of administrative and accounting documents is a strategic activity that can bring strong benefits both in economic and operational terms.

Manage financial operations in an integrated way with documents, optimize the use of human resources dedicated to routine activities such as invoice accounting:

how to achieve these goals?

Starting from document management, to get to digital preservation, internal processes can be optimized by focusing on automation, advanced index extraction techniques from paper documents (OCR, OMR, ICR, BARCODE), advanced process workflows and functional integration between the various systems present in the company.

Automation of the active cycle

and passive

The corporate ERP integrates with ZenShare supporting the activities of the Administration, Finance and Control area with information and documents always available, updated and reliable, to integrate transactions, information and business processes with the security of traceability of all operations performed on documents .

Supporting the ERP / management system with a Document Management System allows you to manage the documents of the active cycle in an exclusively digital way, avoiding printing and archiving and speeding up the accounting processes (credit collection).

The costs related to printing and archiving hard copies of documents will be drastically reduced.

Order management

With ZenShare it is possible to automate document flows.

It is possible to manage both the operational and documentary flow of the order, and the phase of sharing information (estimates, times and methods of delivery of the supply), interaction between customer and supplier (changes and order confirmations) and, finally , the phase of verification and control of the state of the practice.

Centralized and optimized order management goes through various stages:
– request for information through an RFQ (Request for Quotation)
– creation of the Purchase Order or Sales Order
– document filing in the document management system

ERP and management software  integration

In each company there are different software applications that share, however, the need to archive and view the documents produced or acquired.

With a view to integration with ERP / management systems, ZenShare has equipped itself with communication systems (Web Services, API) for archiving and viewing documents directly from external interfaces.

In fact, it is necessary to automatically exchange data and document indexes between external systems and ZenShare, providing for automatic alignment of personal data and common tables.

Integrations have been made with: SAP BusinessOne, Zucchetti AdHoc Enterprise, Impresa 24, SAM ERP2, SAP ERP – customized.

Digital Archive

It is the possibility of keeping documents exclusively in digital format by permanently eliminating hard copies, in compliance with the requirements and procedures established by law.

The types of documents and conservation procedures are established by law; the service can be provided in house at the company / institution of reference, or outsourced by the provider.

In addition to the software tools, we offer specialized consultancy in carrying out all those activities necessary to implement a digital preservation process in accordance with the law.

Certified e-mail (PEC)

Through certified e-mail it is possible to send and receive documents with the same legal value as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The PEC, in fact, certifies the identity of the sender and recipient of a message, ascertains its reception or any anomalies, certifies its transmission.

ZenDMS has an integrated PEC module for document management that allows you to send and receive documents both automatically and manually. Lastly, the system reconciles the return receipts with the messages sent, tracking all the consignments made and correctly archiving both the messages and the relative receipts.

Reconciliation of documents

The management of the administrative processes relating to the order-payment cycle includes document flows that are sometimes complex, discontinuous, asynchronous, with documents that are often incomplete and require numerous additions.

The ZenShare Suite Document Correlation module allows you to establish automatic correlations between documents based on the document model, common metadata or other conditions.

The correlation serves to reconstruct the link between the documents over time: in particular, it is useful for reconciling the order-bill-invoice documents during the entire order-payment cycle.

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