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Caso di successo Device Medicali

ZenShare Suite has developed a series of modules and new functional areas, both in document management and in Customer Relationship Management, to meet increasingly specific needs. These are peculiar needs and objectives matured in a sector as large as articulated as the one in which the medical device companies operate. We illustrate below the main steps forward made by ZenShare Suite in the field of process automation in this sector.


Acquisition and management of orders from Local Health Authorities

ZenShare allows the maximum simplification of the procedures for order requests from the Healthcare Authorities and other people operating in the medical field. The process starts with the sending of the order requests to a dedicated e-mail box, which are then selected, sorted and inserted automatically in a particular workflow that will specifically involve users interested in the treatment of that particular type of order. The data of each order request will be entered by the ZenShare user within SAP in order to obtain the association of a corresponding order number and therefore the closure of the process with the approval of the order.

Management of master data integrated with ERP

ZenShare Suite is able to integrate with company management software in order to guarantee constant updating and perfect correspondence of data with the personal data of the contacts present within ERP.

Claim management system


Management and reporting of the activities carried out by Medical Reps

ZenShare Suite is able to monitor the visits that medical reps make to their customers throughout the national territory. Each medical rep has its own area and a list of contacts and customers to visit. What does the process consist of? 1. Definition of objectives 2. Workflow to approve the targets by the Area Manager 3. Data entry on visits to be made or already completed 4. Entry of other commitments 5. Reporting

Mileage reimbursement management for medical reps

It is a system within which it is possible to manage the company car fleet, enter the kilometers traveled by each medical rep and finally calculate the expenses for reimbursements. Administrator users have the task of maintaining the database by essentially managing the company vehicle records. and to assign vehicles to representatives. The assignee of the vehicle will only have to fill a mileage tracking form and enter the data concerning his itineraries. The insertion of these data allows an extremely useful final calculation for the calculation of expenses and reimbursements.

Management of product samples

The management of samples through ZenCRM has been enriched and completed by a system for defining, approving and allocating a spending budget for the sending of product samples by Medical Reps to customers and potential customers. ; all fully integrated with the company’s logistics department. What is it about? It consists in defining a total budget for the distribution of the sampling, with the provision of a compensation system between budgets.

Management of invitations to tender with the integration of product catalogue 

To speed up and automate the generation of the tender documents necessary to take part in the calls for tenders issued periodically by the local health authorities regarding the supply of one or more batches of product. The function thus conceived allows therefore to define on a given sales opportunity one or more product lots and sublots, chosen directly from the product catalog within ZenCRM, and to simultaneously generate a text document bearing in addition to the description of the chosen products, the unit price, the total and any discounts applied.

Management of questionnaires for conducting surveys

To manage surveys and questionnaires intended for customers and potential customers, in this case mainly doctors, in order to obtain important information on the use, effectiveness and possible margins for improvement on the products and services offered. It is a complete, advanced and easy-to-use system. The questionnaires will be available to each medical rep who can choose whether and to which customers to submit the questionnaires.

Case Management and relationships with patients

It is the module dedicated to managing requests from patients who already use one or more products. ZenCRM is able to manage the request and shipment of product samples, thanks to its warehouse management functions (product loading / unloading / shipping). In order to guarantee an ever better and more advanced customer service; ZenCRM will keep track of all relationships with patients.

Management of communication and distribution material via App on tablets and Windows Mobile

Caso di successo device medicali

It is a specific application for the dynamic presentation of content, even in offline mode. Interzen has developed an app for Apple iPad and Windows tablets: images, texts and videos are organized by thematic areas and sequences, easily navigable thanks to a simple and attractive interface. Each medical rep is updated by notification of all new content available for download. Interzen has also developed a platform for content management by administrator users who are able to independently upload and organize all the content that will be available to representatives in their presentations with their customers.

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