Organization and Human Resources

The company organization can be significantly optimized by centrally managing internal communication and all activities that involve interaction between human resources.

With ZenShare Suite it is possible to organize the company and its activities through a single tool that manages company content “in the round”.
ZenShare allows users to approach the company information base in the most personalized way possible because, together with specific facilities and functionalities, it has a flexible and configurable structure based on user profiles or company areas / functions.

Business services

ZenShare offers numerous services in a single platform:
booking of shared company resources such as meeting rooms or cars
access to a shared agenda for appointments and meetings, by consulting an always updated shared address book

The sections of the portal can be configured based on the authentication profile for guided navigation, or a customized workspace can be created with links to personal documents, archived emails, favorite RSS feeds.

With the Business Communication module it is possible, directly from the document archive, to send documents via email, fax or by post.

Vacation and leave planning

Planning and requesting holidays and leave is an activity that is often managed in a destructured way, creating problems for employees and not giving management a clear vision of the availability of the workforce.

The ZenShare holiday and leave planning module allows, on the user side, to carry out: schedules, requests, changes and cancellations by automatically instantiating a workflow with the request for approval and the possibility of checking the progress of the request.

On the management side, it allows visibility of the holiday situation of each employee, and therefore of the availability of resources.

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