Partnership Program

The goal of the ZenShare Partnership Program is to establish a professional relationship between Interzen and its Partners based on seriousness, loyalty and mutual reliability in order to generate turnover for the partners and added value for the end customer at the same time 

  Carlo Guarino, Interzen Consulting CEO – 

This is why particular attention will be paid to the selection of Partners. The Partnership program is aimed primarily at two categories of professionals: Certified Partners and Consultants.

With the Certified Partner category we turn to System Integrators, Software Houses and Resellers to whom we want to give the opportunity to increase your business by avoiding upsetting your company organization and taking advantage of the full support of Interzen.

In the category of Consultants, we turn to management consultancy companies and freelancers who support their customers in the analysis and implementation phases of a corporate reorganization project, mainly in the areas concerning Organization, Quality, Information Systems, Administration and Finance.

What are the benefits?

Increase in margins relating to the sale of rents;

Increase in recurring Revenues;

Increase in turnover deriving from the sale of royalties and related professional services;

Customer protection as it avoids letting other suppliers enter “non-core” areas of the Partner;

Increased opportunities to provide advice;

Training on the methodology and tools related to the implementation of the ZenShare Suite at the client company.

Would you like to join our partnership program?

You will soon be contacted by our Channel Manager to join the ZenShare Partnership Program.

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