Production and Technical Area

Homogeneous and structured management of documents

The product documentation subjected to a quality regime, the active and passive document flows deriving from the supply and shipment of the products, those relating to the logistics and supply of the warehouse:

document types whose management, if optimized, allows to improve the productivity and service levels of a company.

With ZenShare it is possible to structure and define both the generation and the archiving of these documents and, with Business Project Management and Project Management tools, to map and structure also the work flows that generate them.

Quality management

ZenShare supports companies in the management of business processes in a quality regime, because it allows to:
– create document models useful for the management of business processes according to quality standards, store them in ZenShare, and then use them as needed.
– map business processes into a workflow flow whose progress can be tracked and the outcome and actions of the users involved to be monitored.

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