Public Administration

The Public Administration is continuously subject to regulatory innovations aimed at reorganizing and reengineering its internal processes.
For this reason, document management has been seen as the cornerstone of any improvement in administrative action, since all internal processes are based on documents.

Starting from the IT protocol, to continue with the electronic document management and digital preservation of documents, ZenDMS fully responds to the documentary needs of the public sphere, fully respecting all the indications of the Italian sector legislation.

Document Register System

The Document Register System in public administration plays a strategic role: logging documents means not only keeping track of them on the protocol register, but also classifying and sorting them correctly, automatically sorting them to those in charge of processing.

Only in this way is the registration of the protocol configured as the first step for efficient document management, which can truly improve internal work processes and favor the delivery of a quality service to citizens.


Management of administrative documentation

Archiving the documents produced by public administrations means guaranteeing citizens the transparency of documents and procedures and, at the same time, protecting the archives as cultural assets to be preserved over time.

The correct conservation procedures provide for the use of document management information systems for the filing of the documentation in a controlled and organized manner, with the additional benefit of the modernization of the Public Administration required by the Legislator.

ZenDMS allows you to archive documents on the basis of the institution’s reference title, compatibly with the access policies to the documents and the viewing permissions defined according to the internal needs of the institution, and to trace all the sorting, processing and changes made on documents.

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