Service Level Agreement

Data Center

The Data Centers used by Interzen for the provision of the ZenShare Cloud Suite Service are of primary importance at national and international level and refer to the following parameters for the provision of the service with a Uptime of 99.95% defined as follows:

• 99.95% uptime on an annual basis, for the availability of the physical nodes (servers) that host the virtual infrastructure
• 99.95% uptime on an annual basis, of accessibility via the Internet to the virtual infrastructure created and allocated by the customer
• 100% uptime on an annual basis for the supply of electricity and / or air conditioning.

The Data Center is organized and administered in compliance with the applicable laws on security measures and provided with specific logical and physical protection systems in order to prevent unauthorized access. The safety rules may be modified autonomously by Interzen in order to guarantee compliance with the regulations applicable from time to time.


Interzen uses a ticketing system to keep track of all requests for intervention that come from customers and partners. It is a Web Based Ticket Request System software: tool used for the electronic traceability of all requests for support and intervention in the context of corrective and adaptive maintenance activities. It allows trouble ticketing and complete problem management.

1 BLOCKING System or service not available with critical impacts on production Within 2 working hours Within 1 working day
2 HIGH System or service not available with critical impacts on production within 1 day Within 4 working hours Within 2 working days
3 MEDIUM System or service partially unavailable with acceptable outage for a temporary period Within 8 working hours Within 5 working days
4 LOW Problem with low impact for the customer Within 16 working hours Within 30 working days

The operator has at his disposal all the useful information to be able to resolve the request in the shortest possible time, has the possibility of knowing the previous requests for support, any solutions and attempts to resolve, the list of operators who have interacted, ect. The system helps to keep the activity carried out under control by using an escalation system. This mechanism allows you to manage all the alarms and the ticket control steps in an absolutely unattended manner, alerting the recipients with emails, messages on mobile phones or reminders internal to the solution.


Interzen will carry out the maintenance services provided during its normal working hours listed below:

Monday to Friday (excluding holidays):
9.00 – 13.00 e 14.30 – 18.30

CSummer closing: August (2/3 weeks) *

Christmas holidays: December / January (1/2 weeks) *

* Closing weeks will be communicated from time to time.

In case of need, availability during Interzen closing periods will be communicated.