Strategic and IT management

Strategic direction and ICT

Direzione Strategica e ICT

How to intervene directly in the planning, organization, management, reporting of projects with a single tool?

The governance and monitoring of any project, or phase of it, necessarily passes through the analysis and redesign of all the functional and organizational elements that compose it.

IT infrastructure can often be an element of fundamental support to the strategic direction of the company. Using advanced IT tools capable of designing, organizing and monitoring the work to be carried out, it is possible to intervene both on the operating and organizational methods, identifying hidden critical issues and new opportunities for improvement. Managing the projects, but also the processes that make them up.

Project Management

ZenProject is the solution, fully integrated in ZenCRM for project management that allows you to plan, manage and monitor projects and orders from an organizational, operational and strategic point of view. ZenProject is effective:  at a strategic level to guarantee management a global vision on all projects and precise control over the progress of orders and at an operational level so that Project Managers have an advanced and complete tool to manage projects

Contest Management

With ZenShare it is possible to completely structure management process of a contest, with particular reference to the “pre-tender” phase. This approach is aimed at structuring all the formal and operational steps aimed at correctly carrying out the operations necessary to compete.


It is important to be able to manage the final balance of the activities with a view to projects and orders in order to have an overview of times, prices and costs relating to the activities carried out. With the Timesheet it is possible to have final details and summary views by resource, by project, by cost or marginality. It is possible to manage the cost ranges of resources based on professional profiles, and set the approval procedures.

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