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Terms of use

ZenCRM, a customer relationship management service, is provided to you or the organization you represent (hereinafter “you” or “your”) by Interzen Consulting S.r.l. (hereinafter “Interzen Consulting”), according to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter “terms”). Use of ZenCRM implies your acceptance of these terms of use.

Accessing ZenCRM

ZenCRM is a part of ZenShare Suite, a single integrated platform for Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Workflow, Document Register System and E-invoicing. You are able to access ZenCRM by using your common account for all ZenShare Suite Solutions (hereinafter “ZenShare Suite Account”).

Accessing other ZenShare Suite Solutions

ZenShare Suite Solutions are integrated with ZenCRM. Your ZenCRM Account will also allow you to access all ZenShare Suite Solutions even if such Solutions should not be integrated with ZenCRM. Use of some of these ZenShare Suite Solutions may require acceptance of specific terms of use (hereinafter “Solution Specific Terms”). You must read, understand and accept the Solution Specific Terms before using the corresponding ZenShare Suite Solution.

Accessing Third Party Applications Integrated with ZenCRM

Third party applications (hereinafter “Third Party Application(s)”) can be integrated with ZenCRM. In addition, You may also integrate any other Third Party Application with ZenCRM by using the API if such Third Party Application allows such integration. Access and use of Third Party Applications may require acceptance of terms of service and privacy policy applicable to such Third Party Applications (hereinafter “Third Party Terms”). You are responsible for reading and understanding the Third Party Terms before accessing or using any Third Party Application.

Usage Limits for ZenCRM

ZenCRM has disk space usage limitations based on the contract You signed. You must make sure that Your usage is within the usage limitations you signed; a salespeople will get in contact with you if You reach such usage limitations, in order to upgrade these limitations accordingly.

Terms of use of API

Integration of ZenCRM with Third Party Applications using APIs provided by ZenCRM requires technical skill. You understand that errors or defects in the integration may cause loss and corruption of data. You must make sure that You use the services of technically skilled persons for the integration. You agree that ZenCRM is not liable for any loss and corruption of data caused due to errors or defects in the integration.

You must not try to access any functionality that is not exposed in the documentation for the API. You understand and agree that ZenCRM will not be liable for the consequences of accessing or using any unexposed functionality of the API.

API Deprecation

Interzen Consulting, in its discretion, may cease providing the current version of the API either discontinuing the API or upgrading the API to a newer version. In both cases, the current version of the API will stand deprecated and become the deprecated version of the API (hereinafter “Deprecated Version”). Interzen Consulting is not obliged to provide the features of the newer version in the Deprecated Version.

API Usage Limits

Interzen Consulting may prescribe usage limits, including limits on the number of calls, number of records per call, bandwidth usage and frequency of calls. You are required to adhere to the usage limits prescribed by ZenCRM in order to avail uninterrupted service. You understand that Interzen Consulting may restrict an activity if You reach the usage limit corresponding to such activity and that an API call may either fail or be partially executed if the usage limits are reached before or during an API call.

Modification of Terms of Use

Interzen Consulting reserves the right to modify ZenCRM Terms of Use. Modifications to the Terms of Use are effective upon Your use of ZenCRM subsequent to publication of such modification.