Our support for software solutions is divided as follows:


Gold support includes updates (so-called Software Assurance) and technical support for Software malfunction.

Software Assurance guarantees the availability of new software versions at no additional cost.
Software update activities (with the exception of the Cloud service) require ad hoc quotation.

Support and maintenance guarantee the resolution of bugs and other system malfunctions.

Formally the bug must be reported to Interzen via e-mail by writing to support@interzen.it.
Interzen will do the bug fixing activity and issue the patch with the removal of the bug on the established date.


Platinum Support includes the same services as Gold Support with the addition of a software support.
This service provides a support activity for the use of the software as indicated by the contract.
For example, the customer may ask for explanations on some features or may require some configuration or extraordinary maintenance. This support is provided by telephone and is complementary (and additional) to the fee provided for the Software Assurance and to the services provided with the Gold Support.

The support covers the following activities provided by Interzen:

  • telephone support for the configuration of the post-release system (the latter activity is charged to the customer)

  • telephone support to the client for small and short training requests to use the system

  • telephone support to the customer for the extraordinary maintenance of the system (the latter activity charged to the customer).

If the telephone support should be insufficient to respond to the needs and requests of the customer the intervention will be estimated, and it will be communicated to the customer through an intervention card which will highlight the type of intervention required, implementation time and costs. An intervention form will be submitted to the customer for acceptance.

All requests that do not fall within the previous points will be quoted separately.
The intervention cost will be calculated on the base of days and effort necessary to satisfy the customer request.