ZenShare Suite - Overview

What is the Suite ZenShare Cloud?

  ZenShare is an Information Management System created by Interzen. It is an integrated platform based on the management of structured and unstructured documents and information. The aim is to provide companies with an enabling system in the management of company processes and information.
Technologically innovative, the platform is structured on native Web concepts and includes specific functional modules for every business need in the following areas:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Project Management (PM)
Document Manageme, Workflow and Document Register System (DMS)
E-invoicing (FE PA & BTB)

The platform is inserted in the company contexts in a complementary way to the management systems or ERP with the aim of providing the customer with two reference application platforms for the management of information flows: the ERP and the Interzen Information Management System.

Why choosing ZenShare Suite?

You can choose what best suits you and customize it.
Automatize processes, introduce smart working, bring innovation.
You have everything you need thanks to a single integrated tool.
You have an all-Italian product and you can count on an all-Italian support staff.
You gain efficiency by eliminating context switching.
You work in privacy, ZenShare Suite Cloud follows the GDPR regulation.


ZenShare Suite has a Native Web architecture structured on a basic framework that allows the management of flows and portal contents (Content Management), governs the functionality of all the modules of the frontend with the related access policies and manages the system parameters. It interfaces with the most common Web Servers ensuring a technological standard aligned with the platform in use. The documentation is managed within the repositories defined by the customer.
The index server indexes and makes available the content of electronic documents managed by ZenShare. Web services (SOAP) connectors and specific connection APIs allow you to interact with the platform for automatic data exchange, to and from external systems.


FRONT-END (minimum requirements necessary for the use of the services in Subscription and Cloud mode)
WINDOWS – web-browser:
Microsoft Internet Explorer (minimal version 11)
Microsoft Edge (updated version)
Google Chrome (updated version)
Mozilla Firefox (updated version)

APPLE Mac OSX/iOS – web-browser:
Google Chrome (updated version)
Mozilla Firefox (updated version)

Opzioni attive:
Javascript enabled;
enable local port 443 on the firewall server (if installed).

BACK-END (minimum requirements for installing the platform in Subscription mode)

Operating system / Virtual Machine:
Windows 2012 server or superior
Linux Centos 6.x or superior

Microprocessore/Virtual Core:
Intel Xeon or Core2
1 core minimum

Memoria RAM:
8 GB o superior

Web server:
Apache 2.4
PHP 7.3

PostgreSQL 9.x
Character set SQL_ASCII

Mail server:
availability of an internal / external mail server
sending notifications via email / email campaigns