Document Register System

Document Register System integrated in the Document Management System (ZenDMS)

The set of IT procedures used by public and private bodies for the recording and electronic management of document flows goes under the name of the Document Register System.

The ZenShare Suite module dedicated to these procedures is an essential resource to meet this type of requirement. The registration of incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence of both public bodies and private companies thus becomes a simple operation.

Below you will find an easy to understand scheme for a clearer picture of the process and features of the ZenShare Suite Document Register System.




– Assignment of the univocal progressive number
– Paper or digital print of a barcode label (by placing a watermark on files in pdf format
Receipt print
– Integration with Certified Electronic Mail/email
– Address book of senders and recipients
– Multi Body Management
– Multi A.O.O. management (Homogeneous Organizational Area)
– Multi U.O.R. management (Responsible Organizational Unit)
– Change of records
Emergency registering management
– Management of daily and annual registers
– Search functionalities
– ACL management (user permissions for access to register recordings)
– Management of the classification filing plan
Dossier management
– Automatic archiving of the registered documents
-Management of the attached documents
– Management of the manual and automatic sorting
Management of viewing, refusal and re-forwarding of the document
– Personal desk of documents to be processed
– Graphic designer for the generation and management of approval workflows
Management of approval groups
– Management of approval procedures (single, by majority, by unanimity, on selection etc.)
– Management by email notification of document changes of status
– Track-log of documents being approved
Approval process monitoring dashboard

(*) Optionally, ZenShare Suite provides the possibility of activating approval document workflows and, at the same time, the possibility of monitoring processes (track log).
In other words, once a document has been processed and accepted, it can be included in a specific approval process. The user who starts the ‘approval process’ will simply have to select the type of workflow.
The document, thus routed, will be displayed (directly in home) by the approving user who will have the task of approving, rejecting or suspending the process.

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