Purchase Orders Management (PRQ-PO) Admin 8 June 2023


With the Add-on ZenPurchase you can ensure efficient management of inquiries and purchase orders (PRQ-PO).

Optimize the process of managing Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders through features that automate the process of purchasing products and/or services necessary for the realization of a project.
ZenPurchase is the add-on module of the ZenProject solution, to manage: PRQ, PO and Sales Orders.

Project Managers can make their purchase requests (PRQ) directly from the P&L area (Profit & Loss) or from the order management area of ZenProject, the solution of the ZenShare suite dedicated to project management).

Once approved by the designated managers, each PRQ is automatically transformed into a Purchase Order (PO); it is also possible to aggregate several PRQs into a single PO, if the PRQs are addressed to the same supplier.
Each Purchase Order is entered into a formal approval process by the Purchasing Department through a dedicated workflow.
If the PO is approved, the order document can be generated and sent to the supplier.
At the end of the process it will be possible reconcile the PO with the corresponding payable account via the order number thanks to Zen E-Invoices ( the ZenShare suite solution for managing electronic invoices).

ZenPurchase simplifies and automates the workflow related to purchase inquiries and orders, ensuring a smooth process and precise control for the management of purchases within the organization.

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How does the operational flow take place?

The creation of a new PRQ can take place through two distinct methods:


Within a specific order, in which a dedicated PRQ is requested.


Through a special function in the purchasing area, which allows you to generate a new PRQ.

Actions available for purchase requests include:
  • New PRQ: creation of a new Purchase Request, without previous references.
  • Issuing of a PRQ: allows you to send the purchase request for approval through an established workflow.
  • Approval, rejection or cancellation a PRQ: you can perform actions on multiple purchase requests at the same time using multiple selection.
  • Generation of POs, in case of approval of a PO, with the possibility of selecting one or more approved POs to generate Purchase Orders.
  • For each purchase order, a customized PDF document can be generated using a predefined template.
  • Approval, rejection or cancellation of a PO: allows you to perform actions on multiple ODAs at the same time using multi-select.
  • After approval, the PO can be sent to the supplier for purchase order fulfilment.
  • Electronic Invoicing:if the customer has activated the electronic invoicing service Zen E-Invoices, it will be possible to reconcile the account payable received from the supplier with the corresponding PO using the purchase order number
ZenPurchase is the order management add-on module to facilitate:
1. project managers in the formulation and management of purchase requests (PRQ) for products and/or services and in the management of the entire process of approval and issue of purchase orders (PO)
2. the commercial area in the receipt of sales orders.

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Simplify, approve and monitor Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders with ZenPurchase, the ZenProject Add-on module
to maximize the strategic and operational efficiency of Project Management.

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