ZenCRM Case Management Admin 24 August 2022

ZenCRM's Case Management module allows simple and efficient case management.

ZenCRM includes a module dedicated to Case Management
The module allows the creation and management of new cases in order to:
– identify the customer’s request or problem
– record, keeping track, all the activities implemented for the resolution of the case.
The service employees thus establish a constructive dialogue with the customer to answer questions and solve problems, essentially generating ‘cases’ whenever the conditions exist (request for information, complaints, reports, etc.). Each new case is assigned to the company departments directly involved, directing the cases to the operators available and above all equipped with the necessary skills to promptly provide answers and exhaustive information to customers.
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For a modern and structured company, choosing automated case management essentially means seizing the opportunity to rationalize and simplify post-sales business processes, but above all it means being able to meet expectations, keep promises towards all those (for example customers, business partners, etc.) who have established a relationship with our company and therefore expect something from you.
Case Management allows a critical issue to be intercepted well in advance, i.e. even before it leads to the deterioration of the relationship with the customer, putting us in a position to intervene promptly.

The process in brief

The opening of a new case in ZenCRM can be triggered mainly through three communication channels:
telephone: the operator, for example a Customer Service employee, receives a telephone call and opens a new case.
email: the ZenCRM system monitors the email box and downloads new emails with related attachments.
– documents and faxes: paper documents and faxes are scanned and deposited on an FTP account, monitored by ZenCRM, which uploads the files to the mail-room area.

Each request received by the system generates a case with a new status. Each new case:
– is fully editable
– provides the ability to manage and schedule new calls
– can be assigned to another user for resolution or investigation of the same case. The assignee user will be informed of the successful assignment by email notification.

Taking charge of the case determines its passage to pending status.
Once all the operations necessary for the resolution of the case have been completed, this will pass to the closed state. All the actions put in place by the operators with each customer for the management of a case, will be systematically traced and stored by ZenCRM.

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