ZenHR Attendance sheet Admin 30 August 2022

The attendance sheet that is filled in automatically and can be exported with attendance on the scheduled days

There are many companies that still use the “attendance sheet in excel format” to count the hours worked by employees. A very serious and delicate topic that today can no longer be left to chance or to traditional methods:
1. because it is an activity which, if carried out manually, presents a high risk of error;
2. because it is on the number of hours worked by an employee, and therefore on the timesheet, that the creation of pay slips depends.

ZenHR, foglio presenze automatico ed esportabile, zero errori

it is very important to use an automatic tool which eliminates the risk of errors.

Attendance Sheet (reporting features)

ZenHR Add-on module is equipped with an attendance sheet that is filled in automatically with the attendances on the scheduled days and can be exported in Excel format, for the processing of pay slips, or for any control and analysis operations.

ZenHR is a human resources management add-on module featuring:
  • User features (requests for holidays and permits)
  • Manager features (approvals via workflow)
  • Administrative features (work and company calendars)
  • Reporting features (attendance sheet)

Howto get it?

ZenHR is an optional ‘additional’ module, to complete and maximize the strategic and operational efficiency of those who have already chosen or are thinking of choosing:

– ZenCRM >

the solution for Customer Relationship Management

– ZenProject >

the solution dedicated to project management.

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