Graphic restyling and a better user experience for the new Interzen product site: Admin 21 December 2022

Graphic restyling and a better user experience for the new Interzen product site:

Interzen launches its new product site focusing on a graphic restyling and a better user experience, to project itself into the future with the identity that has distinguished it since 1996: experience, know-how, innovation, quality and Italian spirit .

The ZenShare Suite anticipates the needs of companies and public administrations by responding to the growing market demand for flexibility to speed up and supervise processes, with a view to Digital Transformation , an essential change to be applied to the processes of organizations starting from their specific needs.

ZenShare Suite means continuous development of an innovative tool to support your business goals.


Digital Transformation is not limited to introducing new software into the company but first of all requires the acquisition of a new mindset to approach new working methods with the aim of streamlining and speeding up processes and workflows.

For example, in the document field, it is possible to create entirely digital workflows that allow extremely efficient and automated management, improving control over documents. This optimization allows human resources to focus on more strategic activities for their organization and complete projects and tasks in a shorter time.

Technological transformation has significant repercussions for:

  • those companies that, to remain competitive on the market must implement important technological changes which do not only concern the use of new tools but above all the change of strategies; reinventing and innovating one’s internal processes becomes increasingly important;
  • those public bodies,who can find in information technology the tool for a better level of service to their users, both by adopting updated work tools and by reorganizing their work.

Digitization is a process, not a single service. A mandatory step for evolve your organization (compete better in the current market, serve the citizen better) as it allows to speed up times, reduce costs, increase productivity.

Start your innovation journey with ZenShare!