Increase the productivity and value of your company Admin 13 February 2024

Increase the productivity and value of your company

In a constantly and rapidly evolving world, effectively managing daily business activities can become a huge challenge, especially when it comes to repetitive and ordinary tasks.

From inventory organization to project management, from customer communication to invoicing, business processes can easily turn into a maze of complexity, consuming valuable time and resources. These processes often involve a series of intricate steps that require the collaboration of different departments; lack of coordination can cause costly delays and errors.

Companies that embrace Digital Transformation are more competitive and flexible in adapting to market changes.


Automazione processi

With the growing amount of data generated and managed by companies, the importance of accurate organization is more critical than ever, without forgetting the increasingly stringent industry laws and regulations.

Automating processes not only improves operational efficiency, reduces time and costs, but also the risk of errors, enhancing productivity and making the most of technology for the benefit of the business.

Since 1996, Interzen has supported SMEs, large companies and the Public Administration in the digitalization of internal processes, generating added value for their organizations

The ZenShare Suite represents Interzen’s Information Management System, which offers the first Italian CRM based on the Lead To Cash process. It is an innovative tool that allows you to monitor the entire flow of business processes through a single integrated platform.

Lead To Cash: simplify and make business processes more fluid, from lead generation to invoice collection.

The concept of “Lead To Cash” literally translates to “from lead generation to invoice collection”. A cutting-edge system that guarantees timely control over the progress of company processes, allowing timely interventions in the event of delays or problems.
The Suite ZenShare is the first Italian platform based on the Lead To Cash process, providing the customer with a complete application tool capable of seamlessly managing primary and support business processes. These include:


  1. Marketing and Sales
  2. Post-sales
  3. Electronic Orders
  4. Production to order


  1. Administration
  2. Human Resources (HR)
  3. Purchases
  4. Electronic Invoicing

Certified Safety and Reliability

The solutions offered by the ZenShare Suite are hosted on Cloud Microsoft Azure, the industry’s leading service provider, and boast the highest national and international certifications to guarantee maximum reliability and security for our customers.

Furthermore, thanks to strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Microsoft and Toshiba, we have further expanded the range of services offered, accelerating innovation and promoting the growth of the companies we choose to support.

The future is automation: why introduce it into your company?

To be more competitive and flexible with respect to market changes.

If you are interested in discovering the benefits that business automation software can offer your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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