Interzen and MOD: a successful Partnership Admin 14 May 2024

Interzen and MOD: a successful Partnership

Corporate digitalisation: the Partnership between Interzen and MOD - Management On Demand for successful Change Management.

The partnership between Interzen and MOD – Management On Demand aims to respond to the strategic and operational challenges linked to the change that the various organizations must face. A strong expertise in Change Management on the one hand and a suite of cutting-edge Cloud solutions on the other represent a winning synergy for this need.

Change Management is becoming an increasingly current topic for the success of businesses.


Interzen has been designing, developing and implementing innovative solutions to automate business processes in the sector for almost 30 years CRM, DMS, Project Management, Electronic Orders and Invoices It has developed a suite of integrated and in-house solutions Cloud based on the Lead to Cash process

MOD Management on Demand

Interzen has found in MOD the ideal partner because it is able to combine managerial experience, consolidated skills and a strong orientation towards interpersonal relationships. Management on Demand is the largest network of managers in Italy: a team of professionals from different sectors and with proven experience to make their skills available to companies in order to optimize decision-making processes and implement successful strategies

Interzen and MOD share a collaborative and personalized approach. The partnership underlines this shared commitment to providing solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs, whether introducing new application platforms or driving complex organizational change.

Complementarity of services for a valuable partnership

Interzen provides a Suite of solutions inCloud, from Document Registration and Document Management, to CRM integrated with Electronic Invoicing and Project Management, for the effective management of projects.

The ZenShare Suite it is the first Italian platform based on the process Lead To Cash: from lead generation to invoice collection.

MOD – Management On Demand offers a team of managers with consolidated experience in different sectors and specialized skills in supporting companies in the phases of change, transformation and the concrete search for greater efficiency.

This synergy allows us to offer customers a complete and integrated solution to manage complex projects and change processes, making full use of the resources and skills of both companies.

Both companies are results-oriented and aim to provide tangible value to their customers to help companies achieve their goals and adapt effectively to changes in the market and business environment.

Interzen and MOD are committed to driving the growth and development of their customers. This strategic partnership is founded on the common goal of delivering measurable results that lead to tangible and sustainable improvements.


With a results-oriented vision, Interzen and MODlthey work synergistically to identify customers’ specific needs and develop customized solutions that allow them to achieve their growth objectives.
Using a combination of skills in the development of innovative software for the digitalisation of business processes, in Change Management and data analysis, the two companies actively collaborate with customers to implement targeted strategies and actions.

The partnership stands out for its ability to translate strategic plans into concrete actions,

constantly monitoring progress and adapting strategies based on market needs and developments providing clients with a clear understanding of the results achieved and areas for improvement. A prestigious collaboration which represents a significant milestone for both companies and whose primary objective is to support companies in their growth and development path through an integrated offer of top-level solutions and services.

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