Interzen updates ZenCRM’s Web Visits module to GA4, the new generation of Google Analytics Admin 26 June 2023

Interzen updates ZenCRM’s Web Visits module to GA4, the new generation of Google Analytics

On July 1, 2023, as widely announced, Google will permanently shut down Universal Analytics to make room for GA4, the new generation of Google Analytics that collects fundamental data on users’ browsing behavior on Websites and Apps, going from a logic of “observation” of behaviors to a logic of evaluation of the visitor’s “interactions” which translate into:

  • More detailed customer journey thanks to improved events
  • Collection of multiple data sources and customization
  • Greater protection of user privacy
  • Full integration with Google Ads
  • Possibility of integration with other digital marketing platforms
With the new logics of GA4, ZenCRM further enhances its functions to always seize new business opportunities.



This platform change directly impacts ZenCRM as the data provided by Google Analytics 4 feed the ZenCRM Web Visits module to identify the browsing interests of Leads and Prospects and have the strategic data of potential users and customers under control in a single view in your CRM:

  • Search keywords
  • Traffic source (organic, paid search, referrals, direct, etc…)
  • Campaign typology
  • Domain and company name
  • Home town
  • Navigation date/time
  • Duration of the session

Connecting GA4 to ZenCRM is essential to continue to strategically exploit the information related to the Web Visits module, a fundamental tool for Lead generation of companies, as it allows you to identify the most interested and qualified potential customers, and guide them towards an effective conversion through the different stages of the Funnel:

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