Task Management

Plan and manage your tasks and resources

The section dedicated to task management deserves special attention. This is the area that brings together all the tasks assigned to each resource.
The user / resource assignee of one or more tasks accesses all assigned tasks directly from the ZenCRM Home or from the Task Management section.

From the list of assigned tasks, clicking on each task opens a detailed tab on the specifics of that task that have already been defined in the activity planning phase (Slide 3), you can view the times (expected days, actual days), the description of the task and the progress expressed in percentage terms.
The latter can be modified by the assignee resource who will keep the progress of the works up to date.

When a task has been completed the resource has the opportunity to signal the closure of the task through the ‘COMPLETE’ button.

Each change on the status of a task is automatically reflected on the WBS and GANTT areas of the order area, providing the Project Manager and more generally the company Management with the possibility of a real-time view on the actual status of the works and on any temporal deviations from the scheduled deadlines.

Furthermore, each resource, always from the same screen, has the opportunity to directly access the reporting on that task by means of a specific button.

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