Digital innovation to manage documents Admin 17 April 2024

Digital innovation to manage documents

Interview with Carlo Guarino, CEO Interzen Consulting – ESTE Systems & Enterprise.

Document Management: how AI revolutionizes business processes

Document management is no longer simply a matter of archiving and accessing documents, but a strategic component for improving operational efficiency. Having efficient, streamlined and fast processes in document management is equivalent to increasing company competitiveness.
The introduction of Artificial Intelligenceand of Cloud solutionsin the field of Document Management is redefining the way companies manage and leverage their data, opening up new perspectives and benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Cloud Computing allows companies to avoid investments in physical infrastructure and to incur costs only for the resources actually used.


AI is destined to revolutionize document management activities but work processes need to be simplified

The introduction of AI in document management represents a turning point. However, before fully embracing these innovations, it is critical to consolidate and optimize core processes. Many companies still face fundamental challenges such as standardizing document nomenclature and effectively sharing information resources”, declared Carlo Guarino, CEO of Interzen Consulting, in the interview on Sistemi&Impresa, a magazine dedicated to the themes of technological innovation of the media company Este, a platform specialized in business culture.
Artificial Intelligence, particularly generative intelligence, emerges as the heart of innovation in document management.

Intervista Carlo Guarino

Interzen is planning the implementation of Artificial Intelligence within the ZenShare Suite, the Information Management System for companies and Public Administrations that automates business processes in the fields of CRM, DMS, Project Management, electronic Orders and electronic Invoicing in a single integrated tool .
The first solution to benefit from it will be the registration of documents the solution integrated into the ZenDMS Document Management, which will include, among other functions, the automatic recognition and indexing of contents. This automated process speeds up search and access to documents, increases accuracy and overall efficiency.

Take advantage of the advantages of the Cloud and increase the competitiveness of your organization.

For companies looking to fully capitalize on the benefits of innovation in document management, it is crucial to adopt a change-oriented mindset and invest in the necessary skills.

“Investing in training and Change Management programs is essential to guarantee an effective and conscious transition towards the adoption of new technologies”, concluded Carlo Guarino.
In parallel with AI, solutions such as Cloud computing and process automation have already begun to revolutionize document management for years. The adoption of Cloud native solutions allows companies to benefit from greater economic advantages, speed of implementation and visibility of processes.
Data migration to the Cloud allows organizations to dynamically adapt to data storage and processing needs, ensuring optimal performance at all times and very high levels of security.

Migrazione dei dati in Cloud: cos’è il Cloud Computing: vantaggi e soluzioni
Migrazione in cloudAumento della Sicurezza

The ZenShare Suite offers advanced security features thanks to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider, the ACN qualified digital infrastructure that guarantees:

  • Disaster Recovery through efficient preventive measures.
  • Back-Up every 4 hours on different regions.
  • System redundancy to ensure operational continuity.
  • Protection and security of company data even in the event of hardware malfunctions or external attacks.

Join the digital revolution in document management and transform your business safely.

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