Document management: The Success Story of Gruppo 24 Ore Admin 27 September 2023

Document management: The Success Story of Gruppo 24 Ore

Even Gruppo 24 Ore, the main Italian publishing group in the economic and financial information sector and owner of the prestigious newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, has successfully overcome this challenge, obtaining significant benefits thanks to the implementation of the Cloud platformZenDMS Protocol Edition

In the increasingly digital world we live in, efficient document management has become a crucial challenge for many companies, regardless of their size.


Sole 24 Ore sceglie il Protocollo Informatico di ZenShare - Case study

Interzen supported the 24 Ore Group in managing the logging operations of documents received or sent via PEC in order to overcome a series of problems related to the management of a considerable amount of documents common to many entities:

  1. Inefficiencies in manual logging
  2. Complexity in searching archived documents
  3. Access control based on user roles
  4. Loss of critical documents

The Document Regitration System of ZenDMS made it possible to automatically register and archive company PECs, both incoming and outgoing, in an efficient and secure way, simplifying the manual registration operations of digital documents and emails.
Furthermore, the creation of an easily consultable digital archive, with access based on predefined user profiles and an advanced search engine, has significantly optimized the entire document flow management process.

Thanks to ACN qualification on National Cybersecurity and the security of Cloud Service Provider Microsoft Azure il Gruppo 24 Ore now has a highly secure and reliable document management solution, with guaranteed Disaster Recovery, frequent Backup and System Redundancy.

A story of success and inspiration for many realities, whether SMEs or large companies.

The Interzen platform allows you to protect company data by ensuring that they are accessible only to those who have the rights and allows the traceability of actions carried out on documents, preventing any unauthorized modifications or loss of data.

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