Rewind 2023 to usher in 2024 in the best possible way Admin 10 January 2024

Rewind 2023 to usher in 2024 in the best possible way

We are excited to welcome 2024 by sharing a summary of the successes Interzen Consulting has achieved throughout 2023.
Results that not only fill us with pride, but push us to face a new year marked by innovation and progress with renewed vigor.
In a landscape characterized by increasingly fierce competition, where the attraction of lower prices or the temptation to explore new services is always present, loyalty represents a crucial value for us, never taken for granted.

Our commitment aims to provide our customers with a service that meets their expectations, becoming a reliable point of reference in their company digitalization journey.

We are constantly committed to maintaining high quality standards both in the software solutions offered and in IT consultancy.


And now, let’s move on to the concrete results we achieved during 2023:

Staff expansion

We have introduced new professional figures in the Sales, Engineering and Marketing sectors to further strengthen our team in departments that are crucial and strategic for us.

Illustrazione ISO-Certification


We have expanded our basket with the most accredited certifications at an international level

  • ISO 27001: International standard that describes best practices for an ISMS (Information Security Management System, also called SGSI).
  • ISO 27017: Defines advanced controls for cloud service providers and customers, clarifies the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders with the aim of ensuring information security in the Cloud environment.
  • ISO 27018: Provides a set of specific controls with a “privacy by design” approach to manage the main issues, both legal and contractual, relating to the management of personal data in public Cloud environments.

Customer loyalty

We have consolidated the trust of several key customers, celebrating a collaboration that has lasted 10 years and which testifies to the solidity of our relationships.

Constant growth

We closed 2023 with a significant increase in turnover and customer portfolio, also expanding into new industrial sectors such as real estate.

Cloud-native Microservices Project

We have started an innovative project for the development of ZenDMS Microservices, Document Management System, to adapt to the new AGID guidelines for the Public Administration.


Partnership with Microsoft

With the on-boarding of the ECIF program, we became Microsoft suppliers for Italy, further consolidating our partnership with the leader in the world of IT.
We have completed the publication of all the ZenShare Suite solutions on the two Microsoft Marketplaces, significantly expanding the visibility of our products abroad.
All this in addition to the adoption of the Microsoft Azure data center and the integration of ZenCRM with Microsoft Teams, already completed previously.

Zen E-Orders launch

In 2023 we launched the latest addition to ZenShare, the Zen E-Orders platform for the complete management of the cycle of sales orders received from the Public Administration via NSO and the PEPPOL network.
From 1 February 2020, it became mandatory for all National Health Service bodies to send purchase orders relating to goods, such as drugs or medical devices via the Order Sorting Node.

Corporate Welfare

We have implemented an important agreement to facilitate our employees in the healthcare sector, the Fondo Est, the health care body supplementary to the National Health Service.
Affiliation with the Fondo Est represents a tangible commitment by Interzen towards the well-being of its employees, allowing them to access supplementary healthcare treatments through the reimbursement of medical expenses incurred at a vast network of affiliated healthcare facilities throughout the national territory

Global Solidarity

We have become sponsors of the missions around the world of Take Me Back solidarity couriers, travelers who through their itineraries deliver a gift to those in need. Take Me Back combines travel with solidarity through a global network of solidarity couriers.

We look forward to continuing this extraordinary adventure in 2024, ready to face new challenges and reach new goals together. We are waiting for you on board!

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