Stress from managing holidays? Admin 13 December 2023

Stress from managing holidays?

We are now close to the end of the year holidays and the Christmas spirit has now permeated every corner of our days.
But there is a great scourge that regularly returns in this period and which grips employers… The management of employee holidays!

The management of holidays by the employer is a serious and complex task that must take into account various aspects, especially to avoid incurring administrative sanctions.

To plan holidays and leaves in a structured and error-free way, it is necessary to abandon the good Excel file and rely on dedicated and precise tools.


Gestisci la pianificazione delle ferie in modo efficiente con ZenHR

Responding to workers’ needs, maintaining high process efficiency and respecting Italian legislation in terms of holidays is not that simple.
It goes without saying that everyone would like to “detach” their mind from numbers and deadlines on Christmas Eve and turn their PCs back on after the Epiphany, but an employer must know how to balance three fundamental aspects:

  1. ensure the efficiency of work activities
  2. satisfy your employees
  3. comply with Italian legislation on the matter

Plan your holidays without errors

The ZenHR Cloud solution of the ZenShare Suite is a specific tool that allows automated and integrated management of holidays and time off.

1. Time saving:

a few seconds to enter the request, minimal work interruption

2. Simplicity and speed

of the request approval process thanks to the approval workflow

3. Greater coordination

internal to the organization

4. Intuitive user interface

to quickly and easily orient yourself between the different types and statuses of requests

5. High control

productivity and interception of any critical issues

The system calculates everything automatically, saving you time, minimizing the risk of errors and increasing employer branding.
Furthermore, with ZenHR you can:

1.Manage the attendance sheet.
It is automatically filled in with attendance on the scheduled days and can be exported in Microsoft Excel format, for payroll processing or for any control and analysis operations.
An activity that cannot be left to chance and traditional methods that involve a high risk of errors.

2. Manage your company calendar and employee calendar.
The changes made to the company calendar are reflected on the personal calendars of individual employees but also for those who use the ZenProject project management solution, directly on the Gantt Chart, thus automatically updating the distribution of activities to tasks of the resources involved in a project.
This is a decidedly important aspect, especially for Project Managers who must monitor the progress of the various projects.

Manage holiday planning efficiently and transparently with ZenHR, an agile tool to optimize all activities related to Human Resources.

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