We value the most precious and scarce resource we have: time. Admin 11 March 2024

We value the most precious and scarce resource we have: time.

The use of integrated business tools allows you to optimize time and resources within an organization, thanks to the possibility of following the entire life cycle of a customer, a project or a document with a single integrated solution avoiding the continuous switch from one platform to another.

This is an important turning point especially for service companies that operate by order or by project, and which therefore manage complex sales, with a multiplicity of steps, approval processes and interlocutors involved; ZenCRM, ZenProject and ZenDMS become a precious ally to optimize their processes.

In the modern business landscape, characterized by great competition and the search for productivity, effective time management represents a significant competitive advantage.


Argo Consult, a business consultancy and training company, is one of those companies that have turned to Interzen to optimize their business processes.

Grazie all’implementazione di ZenCRM, ZenProject and ZenDMS, the company has revolutionized the way it acquires and cultivates its customers, successfully follows the projects of each of them and manages all related documentation and accounting in compliance with regulations.

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Argo Consult was able to manage all these activities from a single platform and obtained constantly updated output for each of them.

The visibility and potential customer acquisition phase is when the marketing department uses demographic data, market analysis and targeted advertising to attract potential customers and convert them into qualified leads.

With an integrated CRM, lead information can be easily transferred to the sales team, allowing for a seamless transition from marketing to sales.

Once the leads have been acquired, the sales department comes into play and can manage the leads efficiently, monitoring negotiations, formulating personalized quotes and increasing the sales conversion rate.

After acquiring a customer, it is essential to ensure timely and accurate delivery of the expected services. With a project management platform you can plan, assign and monitor project activities and tasks efficiently, ensuring that each phase of the work is completed on time.

Following this, the Customer Care phase is a key element to maintaining customer satisfaction in the long term. With an integrated case management system, customer requests can be handled quickly and effectively, ensuring high-quality assistance and timely resolution of any post-sales issues.

Finally, the reporting phase for the services provided becomes a rapid and precise process with the possibility of checking the status at any time and always having a realistic picture of the costs actually incurred compared to the estimated ones.

What if there was also an alert system that is activated in the event of failure to report? Not bad…

Reports are submitted to ì workflow for approval. In this way, linear and transparent financial management is also guaranteed.

Last but not least, protocolling, archiving and preserving all documents generated, also automatically, securely and in accordance with the law.
In short, having an innovative system in which information travels in a synchronized manner definitely represents a winning strategy for optimizing time and resources, and for maintaining a competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic market.

Specifically, the integration between CRM and Project Management offers numerous advantages for service companies that operate by order.

ZenCRM and ZenProject, the solutions offered by the ZenShare Suite, have been designed to optimize workflow and improve team productivity. With these innovative integrated platforms, you can successfully manage every aspect of your customer and project lifecycle.

Integrated workflow.

Synchronize data between the two systems, allowing sales and project teams to work synergistically. For example, customer information stored in the CRM can be used to create projects, with related activities and tasks in the Project Management platform, ensuring consistency and updating of information.

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Resource management.

The integration between CRM and Project Management allows teams to efficiently assign resources to each project phase, and track activities and deadlines associated with each client or project. This helps optimize resource usage and ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Activity tracking.

Activity data can be stored in both CRM and Project Management, allowing you to track communications, meetings and planned actions with customers. This helps ensure effective customer relationship management and maintain a complete and up-to-date record of interactions.

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Integrated reporting.

The integration allows you to aggregate data from the two CRM and Project Management solutions, thus offering a complete view of team performance, project progress and customer satisfaction. This simplifies data analysis and tracking of key metrics.

All this is the ZenShare Suite, in which the integration between ZenCRM and ZenProject is a strategic asset for business success.

The integration of a software of Customer Relationship Management, of Project Management and of Document Management becomes a winning ally in the valorization of one of the most precious resources in companies, time, promoting more efficient management of customers, projects and company documents, and allowing teams to work in a collaborative, coordinated and results-oriented way.

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